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 Spooky Story of the Month

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PostSubject: Spooky Story of the Month   Fri Nov 07, 2008 2:25 pm

So one night I was comming home from work and then I see these white eyes in the forest. I was so frightened it was during halloween. I think that was one of the most scariesttimes in my life. I was walking through the woods. My friend looked at me and he is scared of the dark. He started to run and i said do not run because if you do he will go after you firts and it would be bette if we stayed together. Luckely I have a dad that if anyone hurt me that he would hunt them down and make them suffer and my cousin would probably do that to. So then we keep walking for about a mile and he got even more scard I said do not worry. So we started to sing then there were more that just two eyes there were about eight. No way do i think that was funny if it was a prank and i probably would have killed the kids if they were. They would be so beaten if they were but they were not. I started to think it might be a pack of wolves. Then I see a red light like the ones on the rifles and then I turn around and then it was gone I said duck to my friend. Then about two mineuts later my friend got up and started to walk again. So we walk for about ten mineuts and get a house in the mittle of the wilderness. It was an abanded little cabben so we went inside and decided to stay there during the night. So we wake up in the middle of the knight and there is the eyes outside we do no feel safe. Then we find a weard cubby hole . It goes as long as we can see. We thought it led to the city.
the rest will be told next month!!!!
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Spooky Story of the Month
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